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Originally Posted by GSO LAWNEN4CER View Post
How? You dont know how long its gonna take!
A professional would, at least within an hour or so. Estimating accurately is a big part of the job. And unless it's the Taj Mahal, you need better equipment and techniques to be competitive. 14.5 hours is a lot of time.

If you're going to do your OTJ training with paying customers, expect some hiccups. But start with providing your rates up front, in writing, and getting a contract signed if it's for a substantial amount. Even if they were willing to agree to an open-ended pricing scheme, there should be a meeting of the minds as to the general price range expected.

At $35/hour you're still way below what it takes to make a decent profit.

As for the bill, it's probably illegal to stop payment on a check given as payment for services. You might inquire about that if they don't pay up.
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