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Originally Posted by MJ Services View Post
advertising is a bear. I read on here the other year when I started up to have a huge advertising budget. I kind of blew that advice off thinking it'd be cheap and easy, but it's not. I tried everything I could think of from t-shirts and hoodies with my company name, lettered truck/trailer, local newspapers, c-list, website, postcards, fliers, word of mouth, placemats in restaurants...nothing worked except a few things: the signs on the truck got me a few good customers while I was out working, I landed a few from fliers/doorhangers and ALL of my snow plowing accounts came from those plastic yard signs. The yard signs outta be simple and clean looking. I just ordered 15 more yesterday for mowing. Also, make them specific. The first round of signs I had made had too much on them. I listed all my services, my company logo, phone #....the new ones say "SNOW PLOWING" with a clip art image of a plow truck and my number and that's it. I also made about a dozen and move them around from place to place every couple weeks. so far those stupid signs have landed me the most work but I haven't tried it for mowing yet. They're about 15 bucks a piece after printing, buying the wire stands and shipping, but spending 200 bucks on signs and getting even one customer will pay all of them off pretty quick. Give those a try, just don't put your signs next to mine
The things that didn't work cut back spending in those areas. The advertisements that worked, increase spending in those areas. I have been thinking about doing some press releases in the local paper.
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