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Im a small operation. Will only be entering my second season in the lawn business this upcoming season and plan on going at it full time this year. It is just my brother and I, and a couple of friends once in a while when we have gotten too busy for my brother and I to handle. As of right now I have no gates to worry about but that doesn't mean there won't be any this year. Terrain wise, a couple accounts that i have are actually rather hilly. Most accounts are medium sized and nothing is really all that huge. I didn't have any requests for bagging last year, so I didn't even bother buying the attachment for my mower. but i plan on getting that for this season, will be nice for fall clean ups as well. Right now I only have a 6 by 10 trailer, but am planning on getting a 6 by 14 so I can potentially put two ztr's on there. Most of the lawn care guys around here seem to use scag, exmark , or john deere. I have looked at both exmark and john deere, They both seem to have their ups and downs I guess. But honestly don't know that much about the differences between the brands of mowers. It seems that they are all pretty expensive and are all pretty similar when you get down to it. I plan on expanding my business and am hoping that I get busy enough this year that I will have the need for two mowers.

Thanks for the help.

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