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Met my dopleganger

So I'm down in Texas right now with the family for a small family reunion. Never been to Texas but we are down in San Antonio. Going to be almost 80 today ahhh I'm in love. A little different then the 28 degrees when I left Seattle. So far it's been fun down here.

So on the plane ride down a guy sat next to me. At first I thought the flight was going to suck because he immediately started telling all his problems in life, but as we started talking it was just freaky weird

First, I'm a red head , and it's rare enough to see red hed people let alone an opportunity to talk to one . Especially guys ( I got to say what up to my sexy red head ladies always!). So this guy was a red head and we start talking and come to find out this guy has everything in commin with me. Riding street bikes..same music..own the same kind of dogs (pits) . A whole crap load of other things... And what else.. Same job lol. He was like I live in Oregon as an irrigation tech and I'm like what's no **** me too wth! He then goes ' rain bird' what what haha.

It's so rare to randomly run into someone in the same industry with almost as much knowledge as me. So the entire plane ride of course it was sprinklers.

It was just freaky weird lol
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