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After many hours of use, and welding up 6 or 7 fairly large projects; I made a list of my likes and dislikes. It may be helpful to anyone thinking about this unit.

-Price ($499 with a spool gun, 4lbs of wire, extra tips, hoses regulator & free delivery)
-Finish... let's face it, black is cool.
-Tweco standard accessories. I really like the gun, but if I didn't, I could just pull it out and pop in a gun from another welder.
-Warranty, 3 yrs on everything but consumables
-Infinitely variable power (this is a big plus for me, coming from a welder with just 4 taps)
-Works perfectly so far
-Power, this machine easily has the power Eastwood claims... probably more.
-Smooth wirefeed.

-They do not make a serrated drive roller for welding with flux-core wire. The welder comes with a roller grooved for both .023 and .030 wire. You can run .035 flux-core through the .030 groove, and I haven't tried it, but on other machines I have used, a smooth groove works fine for solid wire, but will wither slip on, or squish flux-core. The only reason this would be an issue is if I was welding outside in the wind, or ran out of shielding gas, and needed to finish something.
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