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Thanks for the nice comment. Sometimes the guys at places like JD Landscapes deal with a lot of different things and know more about some than others. He is way off on the 15 cents a foot. Back when I started the cost was about a cent and a half a sq. ft. but inflation has taken it's toll. Perhaps he meant 1.5 cents a foot which could be done using a cheap seed, paper mulch and no or little tack or fertilizer.

As far as brand pretty much all the hydroseeding units on the market now are good. They have all been at it a while and make decent units. Its more a case of finding one that fits, you, your budget and the jobs you do and for residential work any unit is fine. The only unit on the market today that I am not much of a fan of is one that is made up in Quebec and you are not likely to run into it.
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