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My top for shared and VPS are the following:

I currently use...
Very user friendly and just a great product. I'd recommend them to anyone.
Don't let the out of date site dissuade you. They are very, very good and I've been with them for many years. I have approx 20 sites on a shared plan and no problems at all (273 sites on the shared IP). Very responsive tech support.
Of the big dogs, far and away my favorite. I use them for clients' shared hosting via their "Grid" plan. I also use them for "ve Server". On a share that I am currently testing one of my sites on, there are only 16 other domains on the IP address. With their Grid share plan, you get a free domain as long as you're with them (last I checked).
I've been with for a decade or so, but only use for a high-traffic Magento ecommerce client on a dedicated server.

I don't use, but have, and really like:
Used to have a client with multiple sites there. Liked them enough that I would use them again if I had the need.
For the ultra budget-minded, there are usually a ton of promos out there for yearly plans.

When it comes to the "" type hosts, just dig to see who they really use for their infrastructure. They almost always track back to one of the large shared hosts, via reseller plans of Hostgator, etc. If that's the case, just use Hostgator. Why add a potentially fly-by-night's layer of [fingerquotes] customer service [/fingerquotes] to your tech support issues? It's really not worth saving a dollar a month on a $5/month plan to go with comes a lawn industry term that never seems to get mentioned in this sub-forum, even though it often should...lowballer.
I know lawn & landscape marketing, branding, and web strategy. I'm not anonymous, I just don't self-promote.

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