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Originally Posted by PaperCutter View Post
Anyhow, if the issue is shared hosting, what are the alternatives? I glanced at GoDaddy's dedicated hosting packages and they appear to start at $99/month. At that price my website needs to be achieving a lot more for me than it is currently. Thoughts?
My apologies. I blazed passed your overarching point and jumped right into recommendations.

It's not an issue of shared hosting, it's an issue of bad hosting. GoDaddy has never been known for their hosting prowess. They do pan out to be one of those "X is their core business, not Y" companies. The problem is that they are a domain name company who could just as easily mismanage operating an amusement park as they could a data center. Since hosting is one of their huge revenue streams, you think they would be better at it, they're just not.

I have yet to see a single instance where an LCO needs to be on anything more than a good shared plan, even for those with Wordpress installs or back-end CRM functionality.
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