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Originally Posted by Snapper Jack View Post
Having realized the pro's of walk behinds for years and also know the con's of velke's,after your employee's get thrown around and jarred like a pogo stick after years riding that velke so you could save a few bucks on gas and maintenance expenses,who's going to pay for your employee's knee reconstructive surgery as they get older? The knee's aren't meant to be used as shock absorbers and like shocks ,their life expectancy will become shortened if overly abused. You need to look at both sides of the coin here and listen to your employee complaints and hopefully a rational solution to benefit both parties will come of it,after all your employee's are the back bone of your operation .

You could use that debate for many instances in the working world. There is almost always an "easier" way to do something.

-Why did you make employees rake loam by hand when you could have use a power rake?
-Why did they have to move wheelbarrows with stone when they could've used a skid steer, who is going to pay for their back issues they might have over time?
-Why did they use a leaf rake when you could've used blowers...who's going to pay for their shoulder surgery they might need?
-Why did you use blowers when you could have used leaf rakes...who is going to pay for their hearing loss from a blower in their ear all day that might happen over the years?
-Why did you make make your office staff use a keyboard instead of speech recognition software, who's going to pay for the treatments for the carpal tunnel syndrome that they might get over the years?

It is the territory that goes along with the job, I'm sure we could come up with examples for any industry. We value our employees greatly, there is no doubt about that. No one is forcing them to work for our company, or in the green industry. It is a choice they have made as employees & we have made as employers. We are not going to run different machines because after many years of operating one of our mowers there is a chance an employee will have bad knees.

What would be worse on the knees/legs/body over the years...operating a walk-behind with a velke or without a velke?
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