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Originally Posted by inzane View Post
which one of these that you have suggested is good for wordpress? I've seen dreamhost recommended on wordpress, and mabee even hostgator.

i'm not very computer literate, will switching hosting companies effect SEO in anyway? i feel like made some pretty good ground for what i was trying to do by the spring, would hate to mess everything up, such as i did when i had to change my address.
I used Dreamhost for WP and liked it, and currently am using MediaTemple and ASmallOrange for WP. I have a start-up that's entirely leveraging MediaTemple's WP, with two separate WP domains, so I have a strong wager placed on their service.

In terms of SEO, beyond making sure the server is in your country of focus and there is no real degradation in site load times, there are no big issues to worry about. You simply transfer your domain from one IP to the new. Until the DNS transfer syncs across the web, I'd keep your old site active for a couple of days. More care does need to be taken when you're changing the actual domain's name (ie, to
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