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I base my mowing estimates on $60/hr with a 52 inch Lazer HP but my actual take varies...could be $45/hour and could be $80+ depending on the account. I have a minimum of $40 for mowing but will make a rare exception. For general maintenance labor I bill out at between $45 and $55 with a cleanup rate of $60/hr. Chain saw work I'm at $75 but I don't do a lot of that. My goal is to bill out at least $300/day working solo.

You should be able to get top rate where you are. I'm across the river from you and I get calls from your area all the time but turn them down. It seems like your area is under served by landscapers...seems nobody there can find anyone. I know there is one guy in your area that has low prices, but he's not exactly what I'd call a professional...the beat-up old multi-colored Ford truck. I know he has accounts by Roger's Lake.
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