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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
I am looking at a Toro or xmark 30" as well. Turned down way too much business last spring with small gated fenced in yards. I hate turning away any new business in neighborhoods I currently service. As a solo operator pushmowing these yards are a time killer. If my Grandstand did not fit through the gate it was a no go. I used to haul around a 36" or 33" mower, but neither one seemed to fit my needs so I sold them off.
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Yea the 30 inch mowers are great. Well, the idea I great. Hopefully the actual product improves with the commercial ones. It has saved us so much time at some places. The residential one just isn't built to take a beating throughout the year. Being solo though, you might be fine with the residential one since you can take care of the equipment yourself. I can't always control how much our guys beat up ours lol
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