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I'm with jason on this issue.

I market to EVERYONE the same, I charge EVERYONE the same and I perform the same quality services for EVERYONE.

why would marketing be done any differently whether your wealthy or not.

I'm not going to do anything differently or treat anyone differently just because they are wealthy. I have wealthy clients. they receive no special treatment. if they call and I don't answer, there message is returned no sooner than anyone else's. I don't bump other clients to get there work done any sooner. if they are late on there invoices they receive the same final notice letter that they could be turned over to collection as any other client would.

the end point is I don't seperate my clients into categories like that. sure I have on a site like this for a post like this but in my business they are all just clients and they all get treated exactly the same and I don't value ones business over another's business.

EVERYONE receives the same treatment across the board in every aspect of the business.
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