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Originally Posted by Monroe74 View Post
To get the wheel and drum off without removing the wheel.
1 remove dust cap from axle
2 loosen nut inside axle
3 remove washer
4 pull wheel and brake drum will come off with wheel also a tapered roller bearing will drop out.
It will be a good idea to clean and repack bearing and inspect brakes and wiring if trailer is equip.
I did what you said, and it seemed to work pretty good. I don't have brakes on my trailer so I didn't worry about that part. I just took the whole wheel/rotor to a shop and he charged me $15 bucks to torch the old stud out and put a new one in. The only thing I have left to do is put the bearings back in.
- When I took out the washer it had a tit on it. Im not sure which way it should be facing. I thinking towards the nut, but I thought I'd ask. Also found it funny there was no cotter pin. Not even a hole in the nut for one.
Thanks everyone for your help thus far.
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