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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
The 770 is a pretty nice and powerful blower. I gave one a short "test ride" at my dealer before I bought my Husqvarna 580. There wasn't really anything about it I didn't like other than that it also has fairly short tubes. Nice case, nice shoulder straps, fired right up and blew hard. I didn't get to try it on heavy debris myself but I have also run side-by-side with one and my 580 definitely outblows it, but not by a ton. It's one of the few blowers that I could probably use at this point and not feel like it was an underpowered wimp of a machine.
Ya that Husqvarna is all over the net & seems like everyone says the same thing.. Best blower ever. I like to keep all my handhelds the same brand and have very good luck with Echo and will probably stick with em, but would'nt mind trying that Husqvarna sometime...
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