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imho...The correct application of water is always the same for most actively growing high maintenance lawns or any growing turf for that matter and its to only apply when dry..any way you slice it.

What has always been my practice is to irrigate when 50% to 60% of the turf areas show drought and only then. Established ornamental can handle much longer periods without water.

Only water when dry period. Water does not cause growth but it sure aids in accomplishing this action.

IMHO...the elephant in the room is the low discussion of how great the negative impact of having turf and ormamental irrigation zones tied together. This is the most ******ed instulation practice in the industry.

This continued irrigation practice I use has IMHO enabeled me to minimize all pesticide us if not cut them out compleatly in my mature landscapes. All due to correct watering applications not proper watering.

My best tip would be to cap any and all of your ornamental irrigation heads that irrigate well established hard woody ornamemtals. They will be fine. Trust me. What looks like severe damaging drought to the untrained eye will be different for the well experienced eye. My eye tells me which stage of drought is healthy and which stage in drought is going to be damaging.

Just my opinion...If those responsible for installing irrigation systems recognized that segrigation of turf and ornamental zones are absolutely necessary under all climates. Any other way is miss managed irrigation from day one or at least setting the stage for failed areas of the landscape.

After this has been accomplished I believe microbes would become more effective and that would be the right time to discuss their role in the surviving landscape.
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