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Diaphragm Pump Sellers:
Compostwerks (50, 100, & 200 gallon) Sprayers
NorthStar (55, 100, & 200 gallon) Skid Sprayers
Gregson-Clark V-Series (50, 100, 200, & 300 gallon) Skid Sprayers

Centrifugal Pump Sellers:
Rittenhouse (240 gallon) Skid Mount Turf Sprayer
Rittenhouse (100 gallon) Gas Lawn/Water Spray Unit

Rittenhouse also includes in their website under Compost Tea the following: "Because Compost Tea consists of solid particles, injectors are not recommended. Suctions Filters should be removed for Compost Tea applications".

Compostwerks uses a compost tea transfer pump that's centrifugal pump, but their sprayers are diaphragm?

Turbo Turf Compost Tea Sprayer has the following on their website: "If you make a decision to use a conventional lawn sprayer for Compost Tea never use one with a roller pump. A diaphragm pump unit is acceptable but try to run as low a pressure as you can which means you will need to bypass more material which some feel is not desirable but you can use a set up with a diaphragm pump. A centrifugal pump is the best choice".

So these are just a few of the companies out there, so which is the best? Any ideas???

I'm wanting a spraying unit that I can keep my microorganisms alive while I'm driving (so some type of aeration/air is needed to keep material alive). A unit that has a good gallons per minute (5 to 8 gallons), 300 feet of hose, electric hose reel, in 100 to 200 gallons.

Any good ideas???? And if you have any prices ....that would be even better!!!
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