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Originally Posted by ed2hess View Post
Thanks for responding I am in the process of reading as many thread as I can find on this part of lawnsite. I ran into a lot of stuff you had posted back in 2009 so I was hoping you would still be around. The local JD guy said our materials cost would be .15cents/sq ft. so I am going back up and have a sit down to see if I didn't understand. Any recommendation on brand of 100 gallon hydro seeder?
Did you know turboguy manufactures hydroseedeers? He is to humble to mention it I guess. But I bought a unit off him, had it shipped to Florida and would highly recommend working with him as he is about as good as it gets with customer service as well as building a machine. By the way Ray can you make a hose 150 foot length? I would rather that than a 100' plus a 50'. Not a whole lot of hydroseeding going on here these days but I do need a hose.
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