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If you feel you won't be able to gain this clients trust in your professional evaluation and you have no choice but to do the app. First try turning a bag of 0-0-62 upside down from a distance...tell her its 59-0-0 Urea put it down its all good.

If that won't work and you have to use Urea. How about only applying about 1/4 pound. There you did it, job done.

It all sounds risky for you to me. Sounds as though she is expecting a certain result based on what someone else used to do at a certain time if year without taking into account the same factors that drive your professional opinion.

Please do not ever lower your professional standards just to let a client dictate your industry miss behaviors. In the end it will effect all of us trying to crawl out from under the stereotype we all suffer at times. Its just another pest that is highly resistant. Just be professional. Let her fail you. Don't let her make you fail you!

IMHO...A true professional is never pushed into actions not becoming of his/her responsible duty's. That's immature.

No such thing as a immature professional.

If you consider yourself professional the answer is easy. No opinions required for this common industry issue.

To simply answer your big question. Not no but HELL NO!!
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