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Originally Posted by merrimacmill View Post
Snow removal is a big time downfall with jobber. Its impossible to schedule snow, so attempting to do it in Jobber simply doesn't work. I think they should have some type of snow management plug in option (since not everyone needs it) for the program. But one that is not designed by a Texan, and actually works. I think they are in BC, they get some snow there I think? They should consult SIMA members as to what layout would work best for snow.

What I'm concerned about with Jobber is rescheduling if there is a rain-day. Would I need to go through and re-schedule the individual start/stop time for every property? Or is there some way I am missing to move one full day's schedule to another day?
I'm hoping jobber will let u schedule your stops for the without assigning a time for each stop. We all know even the weekly lawn maintenance time can fluctuate throughout the season. One of the things I hate about my old method of scheduling the days work in the "week @ a glance" book is that you have to predeturmine the time for each stop.
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