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Originally Posted by guitarman2420 View Post
First of all, in response to your earlier enquiries my labor rate is based on 50 dollars an hour per employee so I have 3 at employees out I am trying to make 150 dollars per hour.
. Secondly, I am NOT a lowballer. As stated in my thread, my niche is high end residential and high end commercial accounts. No one is immune to making some bidding mistakes, especially in the beggining.
I did make the changes I was talking about in the thread, and as a result this year was my most profitable year. The key to any business is not being afraid of making some mistakes and then learning from the mistakes. It is amazing to me how many people write things on this site as if they never had to learn things when they started.
I understand the comment above about not mowing and I tried that, but everytime i did, we lost control of the quality and costs. Many people on this site have said you have to be quite a bit bigger than 400k in revenue to come out of the field. I would love to, as sales is my best ability and I'm closing in on 60.
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I can never seam to reach that point of being out of the field and being just a sales man. I'm too meticulous about my landscape maintenance methods to ever fully delagate out to a crew. That & I'm too small potato's to every justify hiring a full time crew. I feel like I will always be stuck as the foreman of my maintenance crew.
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