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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
BLC7, just noticed that was your first post. Welcome to Lawnsite.

If you blanket statement correct someone's information, outdated or not, it would be helpful to those in the membership if you would support the information. "FYI: Google places & Organic listings are NOT being merged into 1 listing. This info is outdated." is one of those where it would be nice to read where you're coming from. Thanks.
Yep, thanks. I did realize it was my first post after the fact. I've been lurking for the past week, and didn't realize I hadn't posted yet.

If you can give me your definition of "blended" listings, I'll respond.

I'd like to retract that google "DOESN'T" blend places with organic under the definition that the places listing, in some cases, do merge with organic, but not all of them; and it cannot be stated as a universal fact as presented by OP. I jumped the gun in stating this as I've been reading this particular forum for the past few days.

I don't have a report or any expert guru claiming the death of blended/merged listings, but I do have real life examples of listings NOT being merged if the definition of blending/merged is:

Google takes your organic listing and blends/merges with places listing to give you one 1st page listing instead of two.

Let me know if this is the definition you understand to be true, and I'll follow up with proof it's not always the case as more times than not listings will not be merged.

The fact is the 'blending' began rolling out early 2012, and for some reason Google never followed through completely, or is extremely selective in the markets and/or criteria they actively target.

At any rate, I understand you've been here since 2004, and have built a reputation. I'm not here to step on anyone's toes or get into a pissing match with another "seo guy", because frankly, I don't have anything to prove or to sell anyone. However, the merged/blended listings are not widespread as the "experts" want their followers to believe.

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