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Originally Posted by fl-landscapes View Post
Did you know turboguy manufactures hydroseedeers? He is to humble to mention it I guess. But I bought a unit off him, had it shipped to Florida and would highly recommend working with him as he is about as good as it gets with customer service as well as building a machine. By the way Ray can you make a hose 150 foot length? I would rather that than a 100' plus a 50'. Not a whole lot of hydroseeding going on here these days but I do need a hose.
Thanks for the very nice comments. Yes, I really just try to be here to help people more than to try to sell something or promote my machines. After 22 years of building units and even though the hydroseeding part of my business is small compared to the manufacturing I do a lot of hydroseeding locally and think I have a lot of knowledge that I can share that may help people. I have also hydroseeded in a lot of different places from the Caribbean to Azerbaijan (south of Russia on the Caspean sea) so I have experienced a lot of different conditions. Actually I really enjoy the hydroseeding itself. I like being out of the office and its fun to see the new lawns come in so well. I find it sort of nice when work is fun. Of course it is also a plus that the profit is good.

The hydroseeding business has been slower since the housing crash but there has still been a lot of business out there and the new home part seems to be getting better. A lot of my hydroseeding over the past few years has been people whose lawns have burned out or who redid their lawns, put in a pool or for cities and schools who were putting in a ballfield of some sort but I have noticed this past year that the new home part of my business picked up a lot so I do think that part of the business is coming back. I do have about 3 home builders I seed for and about 6 landscapers who sub out their hydroseeding to me.

Brian, the hose only comes in to us in 100 ft lengths and we don't have an option for anything longer. I would also like it if longer lengths were available. I too am glad you posted in this thread since your weather and conditions are similar to what ed2hess would encounter. Ed might want to check out the hydroseeding photos you posted a few years ago in the photo section here. They are quite beautiful and well done.
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