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Originally Posted by tonygreek View Post
Anyone else have any good, reputable recommendations?
Well I was going to recommend myself, but I didn't file my LLC till 2011, have a UPS Store mailing address and have MagicJack business line... (just kidding, while all that is true, I have switched to only hosting clients that I do other services for)

As Tony mentioned the above doesn't mean so much, what the people behind the company know and how they run it, and what they run it on (server/network wise) makes a lot bigger difference.

Just like your industry, anyone can get the bare basics and start selling their services as a "professional", however with online things such as hosting, really makes it way easier to mask that. There are tons of hosting providers out there, that will for free let you become a "reseller", and sell their services to your customers (and many that will "white label" it, meaning you can put your own company information all over everything)

Heck, even myself, made a payment of $300, and 3 hours later have my own server that I can host sites on, Just need to find 30 people a month willing to pay me $10/moth for hosting and it pay for itself... get that to 90 people a month, that is $600 a month income just for doing nothing but advertising it, and once you have those 90 people, assuming none leave, that is $600/month for nothing! Seems simple right? Yep people do that all the time. (kinda remind you of the guy who goes and buys a used mower and charges what he wants to make and not charge as a real business"?)

I always tell people, get customer recommendations not only from current customers, but from customers that have been with them for at least a year. A "new" customer will of course be thrilled, lets face it, who goes from a bad experience and then gets into a worse one? (ok, people do that, but the company isn't gonna give them as a reference LOL)

As far as recommendations for shared hosting, before I started running my own servers, I was with pairNetworks ( since they were 1 year old (1997). They are 100% privately owned, including hardware/datacenter, and operated out of Pittsburgh, PA.

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