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Originally Posted by buttaluv View Post
I wish that was the case in northeast Kansas, they have been targeting pickups with trailers! I've seen them with a 1/2 ton ford and a 5x10 trailer on scales! No joke!
Thats ridiculous. But I believe it, up here when crossing from Wisconsin to Minnesota when I worked for a large landscape company, the boss and I would damn near be praying together when rolling through the weigh station, not even because the truck was illegal or anything but just on the off chance that a tail light was out and we would get stopped for an hour or two to get the full inspection, and then they might find something wrong that we didn't even know about, some federal regulation or something like that. But for me, I don't have any business markings on my truck, except for some magnet signs I roll around in once in a while, so I don't worry when I cross the border, and I only have a single axle trailer as well so no way I'm ever going to be over weight

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