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Originally Posted by Darryl G View Post
Obviously you don't know what heresay is, lol. Is it your direct experience? I've already read that and I've also read all the reviews by the guys who burned them out in short order due to their tiny 7 ounce oil reservoir.

Again, go for it, I don't care...but don't go making it out to be more than it's a 195 mph blower that has a 720 cfm rating at the housing and 526 cfm at the tube that with tubes on would not be significantly lighther than blowers that greatly outperform it, based on the numbers provided by the manufacturer.

Did you see this review? "After this was delivered it ran for 5 minutes and has never run again. There appears to be a problem with a pin that controls the fuel intake. The repair shop has been trying to get a replacement part from the manufacturer for over a year. Learned my lesson."

How about this one? "I WAS very happy with this blower until I destroyed it by failing to check the oil frequently enough. As the other reviewers attest, it is quiet, powerful, and heavy."

This one? "This blower should be AVOIDED! It has a life of about 2 months than the engine for all intensive purposes is Dead! Did they even test this thing long term ??

So I brought my shiny new DEAD unit for repair and its covered by warranty.Only problem is that Makita Tool dealers really dont even know how to fix them. So they slap a new carb on and some more new parts and test it for I Guessa minute call me up and say it is ready.I than go on to use it and low and behold it has no power and just dies.

So do i bring it back again? Whats the game plan here ,a few dozen trips to get it fixed than it falls out of warranty next year? So my total useage will be two months and 2 months in repair shop and a month of broken use than the winter and than warranty is gone and I guess i throw it out. $450 Wasted.

I really dont see how Makita can bring this worthless garbage to market ! The core engine design is a trainwreck.I would venture to say this model is completely discontinued or redsigned .Or maybe they will peddle more of these out on unsuspecting customers like myself?"

What about all the ones reporting problems with the carb gasket blowing out?

Personally I think I'll stick with buying my equipment from local dealers who can provide me with support and service.
I see what heresay is in your post all but one did no't say what they walk about they could been talking about a Stihl I will consider this matter closed.
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