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Originally Posted by McFarland_Lawn_Care View Post
I'm just looking to get a little feedback. The business has been growing steadily but most of my profit from the previous year gets used up by financing startup the next season. I don't have a big problem with this, but I'm trying to put a bunch aside for saving and emergencies but I always have to dip into it the next season to pay for up front costs. Some of you guys who have doing this a long time, what percentage growth do you shoot for? 20%, 25% 30% 35%? Just hard to turn away available work =D. Last several years we have grown 44%, 119%, 46% respectively. Any wisdom or advice will not fall on deaf ears. Thanks so much!

Jason I deal with what your going througn every year. Basically with really no income at all over the winter except some part time work and waiting for snow work if we actually get any i usually burn through at least 15 grand over the winter, it's depressing I know. I've been coming to understanding this is how's it gonna be for me for the rest of my life. Things I have been doing are trying to save more each sping and summer and lock more money away in cd's so I try to not touch them over the winter. Overall I save say $30 grand in the end of season by the end of winter i be down to say 15 grand but then the next year i be up to 40 grand then at the end of following winter i be down 25 grand as a example. So I try to grow my savings each year by alittle. I keep trying to figure ways to keep cash flow going for me through the winter without snow work. Let me know if you come up with any ideas for me! I'm going to sell firewood next winter allready got stocked up for next year. I would like to get some year round contracts also. The problem I have when winter hits and I don't have anything to do, I want to go spend some of my money I have to make next season better. It usually allways works out the same.
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