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Rain will hurt your mowers or machines especially after it just ran or is running. $10000 sounds like alot for an enclosed trailer. Bought my last one for $4500 double axle with tax and pickup. Cargomate. I'm 6'5" and I have to barely bend over when I walk into it and can stand inside without bending over. Probably have another half a foot clearance inside. I live in Chicago and it would make no sense for me to drive around broadcasting to all the shmucks. If we are all in the backyard doing a job I don't have to worry about some idiot running away with something. Lost a one yr old redmax 7100 blower last yr because we left it in the bed of the truck and we were all in the backyard for only 2 min. He gone! Gas it up? Take out the mower from the trailer and gas up the mower. It's sooo difficult Also, enclosed trailers are like driving advertisment mobiles. If you do it right. I see alot more dumpy open trailers and some nice open ones. The guys that live in the sticks can get away with open dirty(laugh its a Joke) trailers.
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