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Thanks for the compliments guys. I agree 100% about DOT policing landscapers. The trucking company I drive for has a fleet of about 40 trucks. We pull 38' end dump trailers that have spread axles with day cab Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks. When I drove over the road I pulled a pneumatic tanker hauling food grade flour to big bakeries such as Dolly Madison, Hostess (before the went bankrupt), Sara Lee, Mrs Bairds Bread, etc. I can say that in all of my experience as a professional driver if I were to go to work and mention DOT regulations concerning my landscape trailer all of the 39 other drivers in my fleet would probably laugh me out of the parking lot. Like I said, they just don't mess with landscacpers, construction contractors, or anyone out pulling a bumper pull trailer making a living mowing, roofing, or things like that in my area. I think the majority of people here don't even tag their bumper pull trailers. DOT is too busy sitting down the road watching rock mines and sand plants to catch big trucks over loaded, etc. I'm not trying to undermine the above posters question by any means, and like I said, GVWR and DOT regs WILL become an issue if you have an accident. A savvy lawyer would probably go over all of the details like that in an attempt to sue you for being negligent or something like that. You all know how it is. People get in an accident and see business signs on the vehicle and think "oh he's got money let's go after him and find a reason to make him responsible". That would be my only reason for worrying about a 12' landscape trailer (or any bumper pull) being in violation of a DOT reg. Obviously, you don't want to run around without lights or an unsecured load, etc. But to put it in a different perspective, when I'm at work driving my Peterbilt with 25 tons of petroleum coke in the trailer and I pass a DOT officer I always get a bad feeling in my gut. But when I'm out mowing and pass a DOT, I don't even look in my mirrors or have the slightest worry about them stopping me. This thread has kinda gotten out there so enough said lol. Thanks again for the comments. I'm still irritated that my trailer and equipment got saturated with snow yesterday as I was driving home for the dealership.
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