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A new carb isn't tuned out of the box, there is a couple adjustments you can make. One is the idler screw, next there is a few holes on the idler arm, try a few different positions, I know mine runs frine but doesnt have a mid throttle, it either idles at a low rpm and then runs at high rpm, which is fine for a snowblower, you dont really want a mid throttle anyway. You could also try the spark plug, check the gap, maybe feul filter. Short of all that I really dont know, try the youtube videos as previously mentioned by someone, i think its donyboy or something like that. If all else fails, either take it somewhere for service or buy a new one/used one. I got a used ariens for 500, when a new one is 1200, all the best, and good luck, also try, maybe more info there.
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