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Originally Posted by THORNTON SERVICES LLC View Post
I have both types of trailers , in my opinion if you were only going to have one trailer you have to go with a open trailer , you need this for mulch , brush , landscaping stuff , but for just mowing I love my enclosed trailer , the combi attachments do not get wet and rust up , chainsaws stuff like that , and you just put all your stuff in there and its like a mobile office , vs. the open trailer we spent so much time loading , unloading stuff and never fails we would get somewhere and need something we forgot like a trash can etc , a well organized enclosed trailer will save you a ton of time and make your life alot easier and equipment will last longer. refueling is the biggest down side to the enclosed trailer , How do you guys that have enclosed trailers do your refueling? I have 8 5 gal can and go weekly to refill in truck and top off mowers every evening , but this sucks when you are tired and all the help has bolted.
You could always have a dump or a dump insert if you have a regular pick up.
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