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The great tax game.

Im always puzzled and left scratching my head with tax advantage new equipment purchase questions. Specifically If I should buy new, used, finance, pay cash..... maybe this is just a rant or vent session.... I get so frustrated with the tax game......

Im in the market for a replacement truck and perhaps a new w/b mower.

A new Scag 48 Pro-V 48" is $4700 plus tax......and they are offering 0%APR for 48 months..... Im also looking at an exmark with a propane option...with substantial tax credits for purchase of one of these too....

Im looking a a new 3/4 tons too....having the same debate with myself 40k for new vrs 1/2 that for something used......Do I get more tax benefit depreciation benefit with something newer???? I need to sit down with the accountant.....

Cant this be any simpler????
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