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You need to have a completely accurate picture of your entire company at any given point in time. This information should be generated in just a few clicks, with hardly any effort. This is where quickbooks comes in. With it you can track every bill, every bit of revenue and where its coming from, and most importantly every expense and what account its associated with. If your not using quickbooks, then are you writing checks by hand with a one write system or something? Then at the end of the year, your paperwork (or accountant expense) is greatly increased.

Jobber only tracks invoices and payments, no expenses. It also doesn't sync with quickbooks for MAC. But if your a windows user, no problem.

I am considering Jobber right now, messing around with the trial version. But I have yet to make a decision because it has a few short comings that I need to decide if I can live with until they do updates to satisfy that need.
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