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Originally Posted by GLS View Post
Any snow last night Mitch? We had an inch up here in the QC. Pretty narrow band, we were very glad to get it. Looks like some areas forecasted for snow were stuck with sleet/rain (chicago). I sure hope there is more winter on the way.

Crazy weather year like you said. No snow, mowing in March (bizarre!), drought, etc. Glad to hear you made it through.

I like the newer crew long, a true worktruck. I don't think I could own another shortbed pickup.

If you're thinking about a piece of equipment, I highly recommend a miniskid (depending on your needs). The miniskid is really easy to get to the jobsite, and is a very versatile machine. I'm suprised at what they are capable of. We only bring our tractor to bigger jobs, and it can be a hassle (worth it for larger jobs).

Everything is looking great!

Good luck this season

We had only freezing rain and sleet. Peoria had a solid sheet where we had only enough to spot salt.

2012 was crazy. Hoping for a good end to this winter and a good summer.

I've considered a Vermeer compact skid but I'd really like to get a stock yard going at my shop so I'm leaning more towards a skid with forks and bucket.

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