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getting entire yard back to bermuda

I'm new to the site. I hope I'm not breaking any rules or posting a question that has been asked 100 times. I've used the search function and found a few suggestions. I appreciate any help that anyone can provide.

We just moved in to a new home this fall. The yard as "green", but not what I would prefer. The back yard is mostly bermuda. Now that it's winter it has a few onions popping up, and a few other random grasses creeping in here and there. It isn't bad.. but I would like to get rid of the other stuff.

The front yard is worse. While it is largely bermuda, it has a ton of other stuff mixed in. It isn't anything particular that I can identify. It basically looks like the previous owners took a bag of mixed seed and started throwing it wildly.

My back yard borders a golf course (it borders a bermuda rough area).

A landscaper came out this fall, and he recommended overseeding with rye for the winter. I let him do it. He wound up spreading it by hand and did sort of a crappy job. About half the front yard has rye overseeded, the other half is dormant bermuda and other mixed stuff.

I would like to get the entire yard (back and front) back to bermuda and get rid of everything else. I admittedly do not know anything about lawns. My thought was to wait until a little later this winter and hit the entire yard with Roundup. I thought I would give that a little time, then cut the yard really low. I would then aerate and de-thatch the yard and spread more bermuda.

Is this a bad plan? Is there another spray I should be considering besides Roundup? Corsair? Revolver?

I also need to keep in mind that I have neighbors on each side. Both of their yards are fescue. If I spray, I need to be sure it is only going to affect the areas I spray - I can't let it creep over in to their yard and kill it.

Will the Roundup only temporarily kill the fescue/etc that is mixed in? Will that stuff just grow back in the summer?
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