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Originally Posted by skorum03 View Post
Yeah maybe Im missing something too, but if he has only 12 man hours 4 times, then thats only 48 man hours total. So say he's paying someone $15/hr, which would be real high, that is $720, plus take an usually large amount of fuel costs out of that plus wear and tear on the machines, and figure he's spending $1000 but taking in $2300, keeping $1300, Im a small operation but I would say that is pretty solid, but at the same time i don't know what his costs are so I just took a shot in the dark. haha just my uneducated guess

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Its mostly common Bermuda so its only gets cut a max of 8 months out of the year and leaves are very light and easy out there, so you do the math! Whether or not some of you may think its good money or not, I'm as happy as a clam! Its eased some weight off of my shoulders when the bills come in.
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