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Originally Posted by Groomer View Post
A word of caution and not trying to scare ya, but my brother had an epidural (one of several) and they actually did more damage when they "missed" with the needle. Hope all goes well with yours.
Originally Posted by z71tiger View Post
i have had the epidural shots twice (two sets of three). the first time they lasted 7 years and i just recently had it done again and i feel fine. btw i have 3 herniated disc.
Groomer - funny you mention that because even though I have no fear of needles or shots, the thing I've dwelled on the most recently when thinking about this is the guy missing the spot!

z71, if I could get 7 years out of a couple shots, I would do a backflip (well, not literally...) That's an excellent result.

I am praying for this to work. These past three weeks have been the worst of my life and have nearly broken me. The frustration and pain is unbearable.

Maybe we should start a new thread for "Backpain" - probably get a decent response based on this.
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