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Originally Posted by Crimson Lawn View Post
Well I'm a pretty small company. I balance my account about every 3 days, file quarterly taxes with my accountant and she does a P & L statement for me. I invoice once a month, write down who owes what and payments come in I check them off. Now I do not know the different section I need to place everything and I have been visited by the KGB(IRS) before. That is why I hired an accountant.
Just didnt know if I could benefit by having QB linked with Jobber or Gopher.
I mainly would like a better invoicing system with reoccurring level charges.
I've used quickbooks for 15 years...i email all my invoices and ca n track them as to who has viewed them...recurring customer invoices are automatically generated...mail merge collection letters takes maybe five minutes to generate.
Plus i can download all my credit card and bank has freed my time up from worrying about collections.
Try clip scheduling software, it has a lot more features than most all the other scheduling software and allows you to use a tablet ir smartphone to record your job data, start and stop times....sycs with quickbooks
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