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Using a bar to get customers

So I was with my friend drinking a beer and eating a nice bacon cheese burger (I rarely eat junk food but what the hell) it was a bar located in a nice area near most of my middle to high income customers. Well I got in my truck and got around 15 business cards. I told the owner of the bar which we know each other pretty well to buy all 12 people a beer and place my business card next to it. He passed out the beers that they wanted and gave them my card saying their on the owner of **** ****** Landscaping.

I get a call a few days later and the other was an email from the people that were at the bar saying that was very nice of you and that are looking for a new lawn guy. The other wants a price on trimming some branches. My tip is do it near dinner time that's when you get the older folks and do it on a week day for better luck. If you do it on a weekend night your going to get drunk young punks.

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