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Originally Posted by dhardin53 View Post
Their are two way to convert to propane. Only one way will work. Typically simple conversion is to deliver a propane gas vapors from the tank to the carb, this has shown NOT to work.
What works good is to get a tank set up that will deliver liquid propane to the carb.
This set up is a little more expensive but when just using the vapor of propane you WILL have a freezing carb problem.

The facts are propane is 10% less BTUs than gasoline. Some say they can tell the power lose. In reality you just use about 10% more propane compared the the same as gasoline. The power is not much of a factor from what I have seen.

On the positive side it is much cleaner running, and much cheaper that gasoline.
May want to back up on the vapor tank! Thats all we use at my shop on the mowers. But must be the outdoor power tank made by worthington or manchester. Have more problems with liquid withdrawl tanks here with low temps and high humidity. It all ends up a vapor after the reducer anyway. Kohler even uses a vaporizer on their engines.
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