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Lesco Fertilizer Now Blended By Shaw's

We liked lesco products but will be thinking twice after this this move by lesco and John Deere Landscape.

This is the problems we have had with Shaw's in the past and we know we are not the only ones that have had problems with Shaw's products.

We bought a semi load of 30-0-10 50% XRT this product did more damage then good to our lawns lots of burned lawns. We used this product and also a 50% Ploy coated lesco product and a 60% uflexx spring valley product all applications where made at same time frame and by the same applicators. The only product that burned lawns was the Shaws XRT product. This happened on Irrigated lawns and with in 4 days of the application being made. The Shaws rep came out and said it was not bad product even though our sale rep from our supplier said he had more then us have failure of the product and that Shaw's Rep said the same thing to others. Even after many emails to Mark Shaw the response we got was its not the product. He also could not understand why we would have been even using the lesco and the spring valley product at the same time guess he could not explain why only their product burned and their competitors products didn't. WELL MARK SHAW YOUR PRODUCT FAILED AND THE OTHER TWO DIDN'T'T WE WILL NEVER BUY SHAWS PRODUCTS AGAIN .

Buyers beware Shaws is now the blender for all LESCO / JOHN DEERE FERTILIZER PRODUCTS effective Jan 2013
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