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Originally Posted by jbell36 View Post
not sure i can trust a man who has been in the transmission business for 30 years yet spells cummins with a G...

and although the manual transmissions didn't have near the problems the automatics did, i still wouldn't trust it...the torqshift is a great transmission, many say it's just as good as the allison if not gets very tough to find a truck that has the best of all worlds, some have strong transmission years but bad engines, vice versa, manual vs automatic, reliability, MPG, etc...with my research 2006 seems to be a good year to find, pre emissions...find a lbz duramax with an allison, 5.9 cummins which i think might have been the last year they made it, or the 6.0 which had most of the kinks worked out of it (still the most unreliable out of the big 3 though) but has the torqshift...i personally like ford overall but probably wouldn't buy '04-'07
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