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Uneven cut 54" FST

I bought a new 54" FST last year and struggled all year to get a nice consistent, level cut....I realize its winter, I was out working in the shop today, had to move tHe mower and just thought about it.

I have flex forks, run 12 psi in the front tires, 10 psi in the back. I have tried a level deck, pitched forward 1/8", standard blades, hi lift blades, discharge chute on, discharge chute off, different cutting heights and combinations of all of them.

Best combo so far, is the deck pitched forward half a hair, with the low lift blades on trim and center spindles, hi lift on the discharge with the engine turning just over 3500 rpm, cutting at 3.25 inches. I have as much weight taken off the assist springs as I can to try to keep the deck from bouncing and mow at less than 3 mph (figured using a landscape mowing calculator...2.5 acre property, less buildings, planting beds, and driveway, I figure I mow right at 1.5 acres in two hours). I still have a lot of stragglers and a wave pattern that appears with no real consistency.

I have three sets of blades, the deck is cleaned, sharpened blades are installed, tires and oil checked, level is checked on a concrete floor before every mow...what else can I do? I'm tired of having to double cut around the house!
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