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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
You have to remember that this is probably municipal work. $47.00 PMH is pretty good money for municipal bidding especially in this economy, I try to to be @ $50+ PMH. It might be less than doing residential, but you are most likely guarenteed work for a set timeframe, the money is guarenteed and you rarely deal with PITA customers. It's a tradeoff really, work where you can go in and blow it out without having to talk to anyone or waste time, or have more resi's where you can make more money but the customers can waste your time telling their life story or how you didn't edge their flower bed "the way they want it."
Lucky its not municipal work...its a family owned cemetery that the owners son cut it for 12 years and finally bid it out. Its a 12 month contract, so you all are doing the math during the growing season and you have to add back in the months that i ride through and just look at it on my way to the office and pick up my check. Now it is mostly flat stones which makes my mowing easier as you can straddle allot of them and just keep on going, but i stripe everything that I do so those 6 hours actually look good too
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