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Originally Posted by jrs.landscaping View Post
We are starting a production/quality bonus program this year. Before I gave my guys a bonus for showing up to their job on time and not abusing equipment... I'd hire different people. Also, you can't force employees to pay for damages to YOUR equipment.
Bonus money is very different the taking money from an hourly wage.

To the OP I would consider doing the bonus qtrly or mid season. Why? Things will average out more. If a guy is on time everyother week does he deserve a bonus? If a guy puts gas in a 2 stroke and causes $500 blower loss earn a bonus the next month? Turnover is a problem in the industry, do you want to pay a bonus to a guy for 2 weeks then he never show up again?

Doing it qtrly or mid season rewards consistant and loyal employees.
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