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Originally Posted by grandview (2006) View Post
So if you don't replace a worn part and it breaks and causes more damage the employee is responsible?
I knew someone was going to mention this but worn parts and everyday maintenance items are not where i'm looking. Obviously at some point in the machines life its going to give an operator some trouble. What I am looking for is neglect. I know that accidents can happen but a lot of times most can be avoided. (Example: I used to pay my guys a bonus for finishing a job quicker than what it was estimated for thinking this would save me on labor and more profit. In reality, harder to keep track of, lower quality jobs, and more accidents when employees rush to finish work and load equipment back into the trailer.) I quickly stopped that idea.

We are putting together a safety training coarse for this year and it will go over proper procedures when driving the truck, hooking up the trailer, using mowers and other hand held equipment.
Last year I had 2 major repairs. One employee went up a steep hill which he was informed should be done with string trimmers. I know that the hill is "possible" with the mower but I know that it is not safe. Unfortunately he tried it while it was a little wet in the morning hours and slid down and the mower jumped over a concrete drain at the bottom. It busted off a piece of the transaxle casing and cost about $1000 to fix.
Another example is when an employee jackknifed and damaged both the truck and trailer. He was not paying attention to his mirrors and for the tight space that he put himself in, he should of had his coworker get out and spot.

Basic non powered hand tools, shovels, rakes break more often and I don't think I would include these in the agreement but at the same time if you know the tool use it properly it should last at least a season. Example: If you see the shovel handle bending and the tree or bush that your digging up not moving you don't just try bending it harder. You get out a mattock or digging bar.
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