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Paying somebody to show up for work on time can be likened to some school districts paying their students $0.25 for each day they come to school. The payments are made for people to do what they need to do on their own.

Not to divert, but these are markers of our society. Doing what is right and necessary is considered insufficient reasons for behavior. We think that something extra is needed for motivation -- the extra is usually $$$$. Please, no talk about "greedy Wall St," when we are paying school students to come to school!

Pride can be a very bad character trait. However, it can be a good one, a trait that provides self-motivation to do tasks right, on time, and with greatest effort. External motivations for doing the simple things, the bare necessities, is removing any opportunity for being proud of doing a good job. Holding one's head high because the behaviors are done rightly, and through proper motivation.

How would we ever have entrepreneurs? How would we have high risk-takers? How would we have adventurous ones tackling new problems and new ideas? How would the pioneers ever crossed the plains to explore the West?

Stop the enabling.
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