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Originally Posted by lawnkingforever View Post
I own a grandstand and have run one for 2 years as my primary mower. There has been countless threads on how standers handles hills. Many say they will mow hills well. I am not buying in. What constitutes a hill is very subjective. Where I live hills are part of the deal, steep and gradual inclines are existent on most yards. Since I switched to a stander, I find myself using a pushmower more often on steeper terrain where my grandstand would damage the turf or not be able to mow at all. Why I like my grandstand over a wb w/sulky is the fatigue factor and less of a footprint on my trailer and for storage purposes. It also has more ground speed and more agile in tight spaces. If hills and mowing in wet conditions are a major concern though, I would take my ferris wb over my grandstand.
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Agreed. At the end of the week I am a bit faster with a 60" wb vs a 60" stander. Hills are an issue here as well. Standers are a good bit heavier than wbs and will cause more rutting/ tearing. Think of a stander as a rider you stand on.
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