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Originally Posted by Roger View Post
Pride can be a very bad character trait. However, it can be a good one, a trait that provides self-motivation to do tasks right, on time, and with greatest effort. External motivations for doing the simple things, the bare necessities, is removing any opportunity for being proud of doing a good job. Holding one's head high because the behaviors are done rightly, and through proper motivation.
Good point but I see it as worker #1 and worker #2 are both hard workers but worker number #1 costs you less in equipment repairs and doesn't delay a whole crew because your waiting on him. Basically the money that worker #1 saves you goes back into his pocket. Rather than paying them both the same. You shouldn't have to do this but I see it as positive reenforcement. Also by doing it this way may help with cash flow. You can't take away from a wage to pay for a repair but you can decide to give or not to give a bonus.

Question to add to this thread.
What motivates your employees? What makes working for you different from working other places?
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