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Originally Posted by toddharmon View Post
Got a call this morning from a homeowner and he told me that he was having weed problems. He said he had just had his lawn torn up and had it sodded with bermuuda I think. He had the sodders leave some areas bare so he could have some landscaping done. He was also talking about having several weed and feed applications done throughout the year. What are you guys thoughts on how much to bid this type of full service care. What is the best type of weed and feed I should use? How ofton shall I apply it? I'm a new company and this is the types of customers want to serve. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated.
Also, I have seen in this dormant phase people's grasses are really lush green lawns while their neighbors is brown or gray. How can I make dormant grass green in late season months?


There are a few options I think you have:

1.) Walk away from this opportunity. You are not prepared to do this work just yet. I recognize it is the type of work you want to do, but if you experiment or attempt to learn on a client's lawn with no previous experience, no license, and the inability to identify diseases, turf types, etc. then you are asking for a problem.

2.) Crash course cramming. Get licensed, get online and study everything you can about this type of work. Get outside and actually test yourself - look at turf types, diseases, etc. and see if you can identify them and recognize how to treat/repair them. Read the lawn care section of this forum - don't ask questions right away, just read and soak in the information. Go to as well.

3.) Contact a certified, licensed, insured service provider you feel comfortable with and explain your situation. Develop a relationship with him. Ask him if he will do the work as a subcontractor and make sure you are on site with him - watch him (or his employees), learn from the process.
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